My Story and my offer of help and counsel

sucess story from people with hepres, happily marriedI lived a promiscuous life style during the start of my Naval career. I was young dumb and having a great time in Hawaii. I MEAN WHY NOT RIGHT? Well I had multiple FWB and one night stands weekly. I was invinciable aka NO PROTECTION. Like i said young and dumb. So, in 2012 I moved to Ct. With my partying days behind me I decided to try getting into a meaningful relationship.

Got a Gf and was going well. One day im doing some…”Manscaping” and I knick myself. At first i thought it was a small skin infection but still toom tests. Results were negative amd medical staff agreeded with my self diagnosis but they schedueled a second test. My infection became more and more unbearable as the days went on. I didnt want to move at all. So I decided to get the second test done.

Couple days later i get a call…they say: Mr, Capt_Scooter we are to sprry to inform you but you have type one and type two herpes. My heart sank my stomach churned my Gf left me almost immediately because she “Knew” that I had cheated on her. Over time I tried the normal dating seen to no avail everyone ran further solidifying what was taught in school.

“People with my condotion are gross disgusting people”. Needless to say I was not in a great place. I was angry with myself. I WAS DEPRESSED!!! I decided to take off from work escape work and visit my Mums and her husband for my Bday. We went out drinking and i got pretty drunk. When we got home all emotions broke loose and I vented telling my mom all about it while balling my eyes out.

The best release I had since diagnosed. Shortly after that I found an online dating site for people in our situation . Where i could talk continuously with people like me. I finally found comfort and relaxation in my condition. Shortly after finding comfort I met a woman on the herpes dating site and we hit it off Fast Forward to now..

We have been happily married for a yr now. I am happy and comfortable and not afraid to talk to people about everything. Not just incognito over the internet but even amongst my own peers I am open.

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