Should Your Profiles Be The Same on Different Herpes Dating Sites?

A while back,  while back, we had a gentleman reach out to us with a question. He was wondering if he should try to hide the fact that he was registered on more than one herpes dating site. He’d been considering using different photos on different sites, and writing different profiles for each one.

If you want to try out different ways of presenting yourself online, then this is fine. But you don’t need to hide the fact that you’re on more than one herpes dating sites or tradtional online dating website.

Think about it: most people who aren’t STD positive are members on more than one dating site. You can be on PlentyOfFish, OKCupid, or tinder all at the same time, and no one will bat an eye. It’s perfectly normal to look for relationships in more than one herpes dating site.

Should You Use Different Photos on Each Dating Site?

On dating sites, you’ll need pictures of yourself. Naturally, you’ll want to choose pictures that you feel are flattering. Some websites may have particular requirements, like that you have to have at least one headshot, or at least one full body picture.

In our opinion, there are a couple of compelling reasons to try using different pictures of yourself on different dating websites.

When you use the same picture everywhere, people will remember it. If they decided they weren’t interested the first time, they may pass you over again. But, if you use a different photo, they might click on your profile and change their mind. You just never know.

Using different photos also gives you the chance to find out which pictures are getting the most attention. You can experiment with different clothing, different angles, and different makeup.

There’s A Whole Sea of Fish Out There

When you’re living with herpes, and seeking out partners who share your condition, it does limit your dating pool — but not nearly as much as you might think. There are over twenty herpes dating websites out there dedicated to helping people with herpes and other STDs connect with each other, and new ones are popping up on a regular basis. If you cast your net wide, you’ll find the fish you’re looking for. When a new herpes dating site become popular, our herpes dating sites review team will research the website and write a review about it.

Check our reviews of the top herpes dating sites and join a new herpes dating site now.

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